Turn Monolith server of LAMP stack using php-fpm that also uses MEAN stack into microservices

Hits: 1387 The project is to make microservices in place of a monolithic nodejs application stack. Apache Web Server, php-fpm, nodejs application server with mongodb, mysql backend. This got divided into 2 seperate projects, of LAMP and MEAN stack. It can be tweaked to have the php-fpm LAMP read/Write from the MongoDB Database and to have …

vTiger 7 Webforms broken – fields, form, 500 error in – Here’s the fix for  CRM

Hits: 4533Vtiger WebForms don’t work, so here is a quick and needed fix. Vtiger version 5, 6 and 7 have issue creating webforms to capture leads from their website. They have added the ability to have the form work with other modules than just leads, but it still didn’t work. Install OpenSource Charming CRM. Everything …

One Minute Recovery

File lost or deleted? ONE minute recovery

Hits: 417  Recover deleted files through our foresight planning! Today, a bug deleted a client’s config file. File was recovered before the client could get annoyed. Much thought and work was put into a backup strategy, several months ago. CHARMING.CO.IL

Error establishing a database connection AWS EC2 WordPress MYSQL

Hits: 5516Error establishing a database connection while using WordPress installed on AWS EC2 Using the Free tier EC2 server on Amazon with an active wordpress server requires a bit of work, namely that you need a script that will restart the mysqld service. However, it really help to add a swap file, not installed by default …

Move Subdomain to Different Directory on Same Server

Hits: 501It is incredibly simple to move a subdomain to a different subdirectory anywhere on your server. First move it sudo mv /var/www/subdomain_folder  /var/subdomain_folder Edit the apache  your subdomain_folder etc/apache2/sites_available change to reflect the new location DocumentRoot /var/subdomain_folder Save the file I restarted apache but am not sure if this required.