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Call 516-595-1713 to make your website work the way you want it to !

Everyone that I know has had trouble making their fancy,  new website work as desired. The “look” is always as you order but the buttons don’t work.  I will fix it!

Recently Dealt With Complaints:

Useless artistic object
Useless artistic object

G paid a ton to an artistic web designer to create and promote his e-store that sells items by weight.  The website looked great, but the clients could only type in whole number and could not order 1.3 pounds.

Be Seen
Be Seen

T had no online presence for his new web marketing business. He asked an expensive  programmer to give him an online presence, The non-social programmer shlepped him for over a month without even meeting him. When I got the account, In just a short time I set him up a blog with tons of relevant original articles, got him into the search engines with SEO and much much more.


Services I did lately:

  • Adding social media to a web site, including like, share and promotions.

  • WordPress Themes Creation and changing existing in the kishkes of all theme files like style.css and all php files

  • Woocommerce personalization – added the ability to use decimal points for weights and other measurements which not installed with the basic woocommerce that only allows the quantity to b whole integers

  • Set WordPress to use a static and external home page or whatever page you like. This preserves the ability to use wordpress shortcode

  • Get your face into google search, look like the pros and get 150% more clicks.

  • SEO from the ground up. Not just adding a couple of words that will put people off from giving your site a chance.

  • Promote your products and in social media, twitter, LInkedin, Facebook and google plus

  • HTML5

  • make website and wordpress mobile friendly

  • I check all my work to make sure it works

  • Press releases – authentic dear editor letter send individually


Israel Tel. 0544572366

NY Tel 516-595-1713

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