Need a Business Website for your small Biz ?

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You know that it is very simple to make a website for your Small
Business, but you are still put off by buying the domain name, finding a host and building it, etc…

No website is too small for me, nor too large. I am charging only $36 or 136 Shekels an hour and will be happy to give you advice on how to use it best for your needs.

I can make sites for Yeshivas, Lawyers, Plumbers, Accountants, Caterers, photographers, Authors, even Indian Chiefs.

Indian Chief
Indian Chief

I will also be happy to build an online store and catalog to get you
going with e-commerce, accept credit cards, paypal, checks, money
transfer, I can advise you about it all.

Give me a ring to 516-595-1713, Israel – 0544572366 or email

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