Salesperson Needed – commision only

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SalesPerson Needed

I need a Salesperson to sell websites that I build – Consultant – not employee, Build the company with me!

CALL in Israel tel:0544572366 OR NY tel:516-595-1713

Sales Person selling Websites
Sales Person selling Websites

Job Description: I need a salesperson who can contact small and medium sized businesses who want and need an Internet Presence. I need someone in Southern Jerusalem – Talpiot area as well as anywhere else, since I build sites for people all over the world.

Requirements: The salesperson needs to be an avid Internet user, know how to clearly write and speak in English and Hebrew, (Outside of Israel Hebrew not required) and have basic technical skills in order to understand what they are actually selling. Legwork is preferred, to actually meet clients at their business, though often this is not required.

Only commision will be paid, There is also the option that the Salesperson will bill the client and pay me for my work, in which case they can charge the client whatever they feel appropriate.

I am a consultant building websites for businesses, including on-line stores, e-commerce, musician sites, Scientific startups, authors, affiliate marketing and more…. email to discuss the work or call in Israel tel:0544572366 OR NY tel:516-595-1713

Hours: At least part time, Preferably morning hours, when small businesses are ready for the day.

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