AWS Adds Support For Microsoft Windows Server 2016 On EC2 Cloud will soon offer you charming images at the AWS Marketplace using Windows Server 2016. In the mean time enjoy our offering of images for Server 2012 R2.

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Four guises of Windows Server 2016 will be available on top of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure

Source: AWS Adds Support For Microsoft Windows Server 2016 On EC2 Cloud


Please install my Cloud Servers  for all of your Business Needs. We charm the chaos out of your cloud!

The 5 new servers are all on Windows Server 2012 R2, so even laymen can administer them with the standard Windows File Manager and a Text editor like Notepad or WebMatrix.

Using our Charming Services is now as simple as ordering anything else from Amazon.

This first Offering includes WordPress and Email Servers as well as an IIS Stack for Developers or commercial use with your own PHP Scritps.

Source: AWS Marketplace: CHARMING CLOUD

Run Gzip EASY in Windows 10 with Bash

2015-03-17-20-37-04After the Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade you have access to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows , Yes that long a name for a BASH Bourne Again Shell .

I am doing a project that involves installing php scripts in Windows, many of the these come as gzip file , like yourfile.gz

Windows has no idea how to deal with this. To get the files into a zip file, Simply open your Bash Shell.


/mnt/c is where Ubuntu defaults to mount your local c drive.

then do

tar xzvf YOUR-GZIP-FILE.gz or .tgz

After the files are all open you can re-zip  them with the file manager in Windows favorite zipped format by right clicking the file and selecting send to — compressed (zipped) folder

You can also zip it on the same Ubuntu Bash CLI if you please

The Russians used a pencil! iPhone 5c can be #hacked for $100 hardware

If you want to keep a secret then don’t say it and don’t tell it, certainly don’t record it on an encrypted device. The myth has it that the US gov spent millions developing a pen that would work in the weightlessness of space, while the Russians used pencils. Well , once again …. ENJOY THE SHOW!

Researcher hacks iPhone 5c device of San Bernardino shooter Rizwan Syed Farook with just $100 hardware — Remember, the FBI had paid $1.3 million to get F

Source: Turns out iPhone 5c can be hacked with a $100 hardware

Charming – Why AWS Marketplace is changing the software industry – Cloud Tech News

Read the following quote. Soon You will hear an announcement from that will make life easy for  non-tech small businesses and Web Front end folks alike within the AWS Marketplace.

This means software on Marketplace is fundamentally different from traditional software: no software installs, no lengthy configurations, and of course no custom hardware to support it. It is software in line with how engineers consume resources on the cloud.

The launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006 revolutionised the concept of technology infrastructure.

Source: Why AWS Marketplace is changing the software industry – Cloud Tech News

Interesting ! Avoid having your honest emails called SPAM.  Remove “via” from emails sent to Gmail from Amazon SES

Using DKIM signatures correctly help to get your emails into the inbox. Some Spam filters are very uptight. An Honest email to your cousin might still land in the Spam Box. Ask you computer guy to Arrange all DKIM signatures correctly or give me a ring 212-729-8094.

Source: Remove “via” from emails sent to Gmail from Amazon SES

Setup Roundcube to use Amazon SES to send email

Setup Roundcube to use Amazon AWS SES

This will help your emails avoid the SPAM Bin. Contact if you have more questions.

You need to first create SES IAM SMTP credentials

  • I am always assigned as the Amazon SMTP server, but if you get a different one replace it below
  • In SMTP User name put the assigned username, it is pretty long string of random chrachters
  • The SMTP Password if a VERY long Random string of characters, that often include a slash
  • If using the downloaded credentials.csv file you can tell where the username ends and password begins by finding the comma


IAM User Name,Smtp Username,Smtp Password

$config[‘smtp_server’] = ‘tls://’;


$config[‘smtp_user’] = ‘YOUR-SES-USERNAME-RANDOM-CHARS’;
$config[‘smtp_pass’] = ‘YOUR-SES-PASSWORD_THAT-is REALLY-LONG’;



// ———————————-
// ———————————-
// SMTP server host (for sending mails).
// To use SSL/TLS connection, enter hostname with prefix ssl:// or tls://
// If left blank, the PHP mail() function is used
// Supported replacement variables:
// %h – user’s IMAP hostname
// %n – hostname ($_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’])
// %t – hostname without the first part
// %d – domain (http hostname $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] without the first part)
// %z – IMAP domain (IMAP hostname without the first part)
// For example %n = mail.domain.tld, %t = domain.tld
$config[‘smtp_server’] = ‘tls://’;

// SMTP username (if required) if you use %u as the username

// will use the current username for login
$config[‘smtp_user’] = ‘YOUR-SES-USERNAME-RANDOM-CHARS’;

// SMTP password (if required) if you use %p as the password Roundcube
// will use the current user’s password for login
$config[‘smtp_pass’] = ‘YOUR-SES-PASSWORD_THAT-is REALLY-LONG’;



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