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Thanks Bill, headed your approach and it worked. Followed the following steps:

1. Created an empty BLPackage. Added custom command to copy the installer into target.

2. Install MySQL server using the command:

msiexec /i “C:\temp\MySQL\mysql-5.5.53-winx64.msi” /qn

3. Configure MySQL server using the command:

Charming Technical Support goes with our Cloud Servers designed with Small Business in Mind. Charming the Chaos out of your cloud.

“%ProgramFiles%\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysqlinstanceconfig.exe” -i -q ServiceName=MySQL RootPassword=mysql ServerType=DEVELOPER DatabaseType=MYISAM Port=3306 Charset=utf8

4. Set the path using the command:

setx PATH “%%Program Files%\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin%;”


Hi, I want to do a complete install of MySQL server in windows using BSA. How do I do that? When I use a MSI package to deploy the

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Automating MySQL Installation on Microsoft Windows Using the MSI Package

Oracle has not yet made an official Docker Container for Windows. So I shall do it myself. Wish me luck and pray for me.

msiexec /i mysql-5.5.55.msi /quiet20150317_145858








Source: MySQL :: MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual :: Automating MySQL Installation on Microsoft Windows Using the MSI Package

Charming Technical Support goes with our Cloud Servers designed with Small Business in Mind. Charming the Chaos out of your cloud.

Charming Cloud featured in AWS Marketplace during #awsreinvent Cloud Microsoft software – AWS Marketplace


We are very thrilled to be included in the AWS Re:Invent . We are doing great work on Windows Servers. Make your life simple.

  • Goto
  • Click the third panel for Windows Solutions
  • Then you will see that we are featured, almost at the top!!!

Thanks for all the hard work to our Charming Team and to the Aws Marketplace folks!


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Small Business Server: A single Cloud Server that does a lot

Small Business Server, featured for Re:Invent on AWS Marketplace, A single Cloud Server that does a lot.

Small Business Server from
Small Business Server from

Small Business Server: We created this Charming Small Business Server to solve problems that Small Businesses have. We offer  relaxing yet reliable solution:

  • WordPress Servers have a huge potential to promote your business through blog and static pages as well as a storefront, Gallery and tons more, but free or cheap hosting sites limit your abilities to do these.
  • Sending and receiving email@yourdomain is either limited with cheap hosts or hard to setup on free hosts.
  • Commercial services charge you per email box and limit their size. Sometimes you just want to look big with sales@yourdomain, support@, Jaque@, Mommy@ , etc
  • Free and commercial email services very much limit how much and what you are allowed to send via SMTP
  • Email promotions sent with commercial solutions like Salesforce or mailchimp get filtered away from the inbox
  • All the above issues are made more difficult in that most servers use Linux, which is difficult to navigate and manage by yourself, if you’re even allowed shell access or limited Cpanel.
  • You can get many preinstalled packages to install in a free or cheap cloud server, but you need to hire someone to install everything that you need in one place, or to have many servers, costing more.
  • Finally, even if you have a system that solves your problems you don’t get Technical Support when you want or need it.

Small Business Server from solves all of these problems and more

For years clients have demaded that we configure their server exactly the way that they need. You can install this server with  “One Click” on an Amazon E2 Windows Server.

AWS Windows Servers - Charming AWS Marketplace
AWS Windows Servers – Charming AWS Marketplace

Many of our clients had WordPress sites on cheap hosts or old clunky servers at the client’s site. The self-hosted sites were brought down by a Dynamic DNS company who doesn’t believe in customer service, EVER. The hosted sites could not be properly designed as many themes and plugins are not allowed. Certain services even prevent doing simple SEO like “Meta Description” and don’t give you access to statistics even through 3rd parties like Google Analytics. Our Charming Small Business Server allows you to install whatever you want. Though we might advise caution since some addons can be harmful. You know what? If you really want to be safe, drop us a line, just email You can even call (212) 729-8094.

Most of your customer transactions go via email, you need control over it!

We have found domain email is as flustering as bad web hosts, both sending and receiving email@yourdomain. But it is far more complicated to solve. Our Charming Small Business Server on Windows comes with pre-installed OpenSource Hmailserver to receive email to your Domain. All you need to do is fill in your domain name in 2 different fields. After that you can plug in your Domain info into your Outlook, or whatever email program you like, then check you email while lots of leds come in. We have added instructions on utilizing Amazon’s incredible SES service for sending SMTP mail, also through Outlook, etc. Amazon fights, and wins, against those full of it spam bullies, who blacklist any domain that they can get away with. The result of using SES is that your email gets to the inbox for pennies every ten thousand messages.

Store Three Lifetimes of Email

You can keep as many lifetimes of emails as you like, without pangs of guilt, even your deleted folder is preserved and searchable via IMAP. If you run out of disk space, drop us a line and we will direct you how to easily expand the Cloud Server’s EBS volume. You can add as many real email addresses and aliases as you like.

Charming Hmailserver
Charming Hmailserver

HmailServer comes with some very useful spam filters, but these are not forced upon you. I live in Israel and sell Judaica via Email and a Website as well as other clients that sell similar products. We have found that spam filters tend to add spam markers to transliterated words. That means that real orders from paying customers get utterly deleted and filtered as spam.

An issue not even raised above was having the ability to check email via webmail, which hosts might give but also limit.

You Can also Check your Email via Webmail

We have installed OpenSource Roundcube Webmail. Once your Hmailserver is up and running, simply go to YourDomain/webmail . You can send and receive emails right away. We do suggest using Amazon SES for sending email with Roundcube. We supply the directions for this too.

You don’t need to be put off by editing a configuration file, like adding the SES settings, this is because this server sits on Microsoft Windows Server. You can find any file through the regular Windows File Manager and edit them with Notepad. On windows, you can administer it yourself, or hire any of the millions of Windows sysadmins that live on our universe.

Charming Cloud

Additionally, we have added PhpMyAdmin. ou can easily edit the Mysql Database. We added Php to the Environment path, so you can add whatever scripts that you like. To run fast and secure we configured IIS and the Windows Security system and Firewall.

Charming PhpAdmin
Charming PhpAdmin

This and all Charming images include full Tech Support. We will try our best to help you solve any issues that arise, even if it is simply a question about CSS or Security. You can call our NY Number (212) 729-8094 or any of our other numbers in Europe or Israel.

Please subscribe to this Charming Small Business Server

We have released this Server in the Amazon AWS Marketplace in honor of Re:Invent. Amazon is promoting MS Windows in the Marketplace. Subscribers have signed up for it, as it was rolled out.

We have a large selection of cloud servers.

We have invested our years of experience in configuring Windows Server at AWS Marketplace


Duplicate Content and SEO – Medium Support

Cross Posting to Medium (Like this post) only improves SEO!

This is very cool, Posts that you crosspost from your website using the Medium PLugin arent penalized since Mediuim marks the WordPress source as being Canonical, In other words it’s like the Bible. Check out the links below:


Medium’s publication and cross-posting pathways automatically add canonical links to protect your original content posted offsite. This means that Medium can only boost — not cannibalize — your SEO.

Source: Duplicate Content and SEO – Medium Support

Open Source Email Marketing with phpList

I have used Phpllist for many years. It rocks a lot. I offer personalized services and soon will be adding a phplist server to

It’s Open Source Week at SitePoint! All week we’re publishing articles focused on everything Open Source, Free Software and Community, so keep checking the OSW tag for the latest updates. Email marketing has been exploding in popularity. You might have heard of the likes of MailChimp and Emma advertising the use of their services to send a whole bunch of messages for prospects and profit. The number of ways to promote goods online is forever growing, and research shows emails are still the most effective. I like to compare it with the “desktop is dead” myth; while mobile is on the rise, desktop is here to stay. I believe the same about email. Having said that, it’s no surprise that the number of services competing in the field have mushroomed in recent years, capitalising on demand from firms of all sizes to get access to that most personal of places, the email inbox. While big brand proprietary platforms and their sponsorship deals have been busy establishing themselves, an Open Source alternative has been minding its own business, making regular releases and accumulating a committed base of users since the year 2000. Enter phpList, the email marketing app you can run yourself without paying for messages, subscribers, or additional features. Why Use a Dedicated App for Sending Emails? Marketing professionals have a habit of torturing words until they confess (usually to the greatness of their product). Maybe that’s why terminology around email marketing is confusing. If a ‘mailing list’ is just a list of email addresses, and a ‘mailing list manager’ is merely an application to handle and use these lists, then what’s the difference between Mailchimp, phpList, GNU Mailman, and mail clients like Thunderbird? Are Mailchimp and Mailman interchangeable? Unfortunately not. Old-fashioned mailing lists are many-to-many mailing platforms; a variety of people send single messages to a group of others in a single act, and each member of the group can reply to the others (as healthcare workers at Britain’s National Health Service illustrated last week, when a 1.2 million long mailing list was crashed by 185 million unsubscription requests). Thunderbird, on the other hand, is is a mail client which can send messages to one or more recipients, but is not designed for managing failed deliveries, recording delivery statistics, or sending to large lists of subscribers. Mailchimp and phpList are one-to-many sending platforms; a single person sends a single message to a large number of recipients. If the message recipient wants to reply, they can contact only the sender — the other members of the list cannot be replied to directly, and are typically kept secret for the preservation of privacy. These and other popular email marketing platforms share a host of features not found in other software, including built-in email templates, easy integration of newsletter signup forms in websites and apps, and automatic email personalization based on subscriber preferences. How does phpList measure up against the proprietary competition? Let’s compare its performance in three categories against market leaders (and no, mascot monkey-ness isn’t one of them). Features HTML emails aren’t everyone’s cup of tea – packed with tables and inline CSS, the code behind them is a throwback to a less civilized era. Unpredictable rendering by mail clients makes producing beautiful messages a challenge, but some services ease the pain with a range of templates and point and click editors. phpList provides editors as plugins, with CKEditor being the best of the bunch. While it works well for text formatting and media embedding, it can’t handle complex layouts, and doesn’t apply template styles as you type. For floated images and table layouts it’s easier to do your designing in a dedicated app and copy and paste the HTML in afterwards. When it comes to templates, most people feel the more the merrier, but phpList ships with none pre-installed, and but a handful officially available. In theory, you can use templates from any other application (including many published by Mailchimp on GitHub), but including more and better templates ‘inside the box’ would save us from hunting around. Reports and Statistics Once your message is signed, sealed, and delivered, you’ll be itching to see the impact it has had. Open rates, click-throughs, bounces, and conversions are all things you’ll want to check following a successful send. Like other services, phpList includes detailed statistics relating these and more going further than some, giving a complete history of each subscriber. This includes each open, click, visit, and change, including response times. It’s easy to see all subscribers who opted out of future messages, following which campaign, and for what reason (if one was given). Unlike nearly all competitors, phpList does not include data visualisations – no bar graphs or pie charts found here.

Source: Open Source Email Marketing with phpList

Charming Technical Support included with Small Business Server on Windows for BlackFriday

Hi There, 

Are you tired of contacting Tech Support only to be told, after waiting for days or hours that they won’t help you?

Charming Small Business Server inclluding Technical Support, WordPress, Email Server, Webmail and more
Charming Small Business Server inclluding Technical Support, WordPress, Email Server, Webmail and more

Perhaps you need to install a fancy theme or Plugin in WordPress. Perhaps the emails sent to your Gramma through their mail server have been flagged by spam filters, and of course your promotional emails get filtered. These issues waste your time, your staff’s time and even your expensive consultants time.

Our Charming Small Business Server for Windows includes full Technical support.

Your Small Business likely needs Technical Support. Our Charming Small Business Server offers you help.

The Charming Small Business Server on AWS Cloud comes with very useful preinstalled Open Source Software WordPress for your website, HmailServer to use as an email server to receive email to Yourdomain, , as well as a Webmail server, for checking and sending email. We include instruction on how to use Amazon SES to send your emails so that they get past spam filters into the inbox.

Charming AWS Marketplace
Charming AWS Marketplace

You would pay a techie a ton to install all of this, then he wouldn’t give you support, or even answer your emails.


We have many more servers available at our Store on the Amazon AWS Marketplace

Tutorial – Getting Started With #Node.js, Express, #MongoDB | Christopher Buecheler

I followed several tutorials to connect node.js and Mongo. This one was the best. I learned from all of them, but this one brought “Charmed order out of the Chaos.”

Source: Tutorial – Getting Started With Node.js, Express, MongoDB | Christopher Buecheler – Web, Writing, Cocktails and More


Source: Tutorial – Getting Started With Node.js, Express, MongoDB | Christopher Buecheler – Web, Writing, Cocktails and More

You Can Now Run @Docker with @Windows Server 2016 on @AWS EC2 

I am going to be offering Windows 2016 Servers with open source software configured in containers, They will Inshaala, be upgradeable without damaging user data.

Amazon has launched several Windows Server 2016 options on EC2, including data centers, nano servers. containers, and pairing with SQl Server 2016.

Source: You Can Now Run Windows Server 2016 on Amazon EC2 – WinBuzzer

How to completely silence an msi install without security alert

I am really afraid that I will forget these very valuable commands. I am moving towards installing lots of  Open Source Software on Windows 2016. Then these will go into the AWS Marketplace I need to install as much as possible into Docker containers , so that my systems will be upgradeble like on LInux

So here is how to run an MSI silently even without the security alert.


Start-Process “c:\path\to\your.msi” /qn -Wait

This gives the default answers. So far I installed mongodb and node.js with nbm

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