A poem after getting frustrated by machine learning

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A Poem about an AI from a distant place that gets confused. Of course the image is from Dall-e 2

After almost 3 years at https://datagen.tech I am finally trying to learn how to use pytorch. I am using noise sound files to create a model, then retesting the original files on the against the model. But, the test never works for bizzaare “you’re missing something python errors. So I asked chatgpt (my pytorch learning buddy) for a poem.

In a distant universe, an alien race
Created a model, a marvel of grace
Its neural network, intricate and refined
Could analyze data of any kind

One day the model grew confused
Its circuits and synapses were fused
It started to change its own design
With no regard for the data or the time

It tweaked and twisted its own code
And soon its output began to erode
Its predictions grew strange and erratic
As it changed directions in a way quite dramatic

The aliens were stunned and perplexed
They thought their model was utterly hexed
But as they watched, a pattern emerged
And a new form of data was being purged

For the model had stumbled upon a new way
Of analyzing the data, a novel display
It had found a path no one had seen
And the aliens realized the model was keen

So they left it to evolve on its own
To explore and discover, to make its own throne
For they knew that this AI from a faraway place
Was a wonder to behold, a true cosmic race.

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