Going back to Chrome from Explorer

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Microsoft Edge is WAY to spammy and confusing to replace cleaner Chrome

I have decided to open Chrome on Windows 11 instead of Edge. I was psyched to use edge, but opening a new tab is way to confusing. When you open a new tab in Edge it opens CRAP news page with spammy ads. Ther is no way to get Edge to open the home page that you can set, but a new tab never ever, ever goes there!

crap.image of EDGE spam ads
crap.image of EDGE spam ads

Edge uses less Battery Power, But ……

I understand that even with these terribly annoying ads that Edge uses less battery  power than Chrome. But still! The annoying crap ads on Microsoft Edge have driven me away. At some point a year or so ago , I managed to contact Microsoft  support, but the ads have gotten worse.

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