Tech travelers Be sure to tip Skycaps,  They work harder than tech workers and Start-up folks

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Skycaps Don’t Work for the Airlines
They Work for You!

Many travelers and even airline employees are not aware that skycaps, the people who check in your luggage curbside and carry your bags inside the terminal, and to and from the curb, are not airline employees.  These uniformed workers don’t get any benefits such as overtime, paid vacations, health insurance, and so on. Adding insult to injury, for all their heavy lifting and carrying in hot sun and humidity and freezing rain and snow, their average pay is only about $2.58 per hour, and they don’t even get any air travel benefits.

Skycaps are underpaid, overworked, and definitely under-appreciated.  I was reminded of this while on a trip to the Caribbean.  A skycap sent me an email about the valuable services they provide air travelers. 

Source: Skycaps Can Be A Traveler’s Best Friend

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