Run Gzip EASY in Windows 10 with Bash

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2015-03-17-20-37-04After the Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade you have access to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows , Yes that long a name for a BASH Bourne Again Shell .

I am doing a project that involves installing php scripts in Windows, many of the these come as gzip file , like yourfile.gz

Windows has no idea how to deal with this. To get the files into a zip file, Simply open your Bash Shell.


/mnt/c is where Ubuntu defaults to mount your local c drive.

then do

tar xzvf YOUR-GZIP-FILE.gz or .tgz

After the files are all open you can re-zip  them with the file manager in Windows favorite zipped format by right clicking the file and selecting send to — compressed (zipped) folder

You can also zip it on the same Ubuntu Bash CLI if you please

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