Linux vs #Windows Cloud Hosting? Believe it or not Windows is over 30% of servers

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Hey Guys,

It is much easier for “regular guys” to use a Windows Server  who have been using windows since 1995.

Guess What, There are lots of Pre-installed OpenSource options too.

Check Out! AWS-Marketplace

According to the stats in the link below Windows still a powerhouse for Cloud Servers. You can find System Administrators ANYWHERE in the universe to help, or even better Mange the Files with your standard Windows File Manager and edit files in your favorite Windows Text Editor.


When you spin up a cloud server, a basic and immediate question must be answered first: should you use Windows or Linux? Let’s compare the operating systems, both based on popularity and with a thorough discussion from experts on both sides of the aisle. Which Server OS is Winning? Is Linux or Windows Server Better, […]

Source: Should You Use Linux or Windows Cloud Hosting? (Part 1 of 2) | Atlantic.Net

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