IIS 8.5 on Windows Svr 2012 R2 is the fastest

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What a Surprise IIS on Windows Server 2012 is Fastest Web Server

I have installed many Windows 2012 R2 Cloud  Servers at the the following link http://charmingcloud.net/shop/ I am now doing a similar project with Windows Svr 2016. I was a bit surprised that SVR 2012 R2 was faster than 2016, but then again 2016b does require more robust hardware. At the higher end hardware with many CPUs  Windows SVR 2016 was as good as the rest. But all beat Linux with NginX.

I will start pushing my 2012 R2 servers harder in the market now!

Many are familiar with Windows, so it makes it much easier to administer using the standard File Manager and ordinary text editors. However, it is a learning curve to successfully deploy open source Web Software on Windows. We have already installed the OPen Source Software such as IIS MySql  PHP Stack, WordPress, Moodle, Roundcube, HmailServer and more.

All include Tech  Support and a great  Rebate offer.

You can subscribe to Pre-installed AMI’s at the Amazon Marketplace with either an IIS Stack or NginX  Get a rebate !

Charming Webstack – IIS – PHP – MySql With Tech Support + Rebate


Charming nginx Stack On Windows – Full Technical Support + Rebate


Following on from my recent Linux web server benchmarks and Windows web server benchmarks, I noticed that in general IIS appeared to perform better than all Linux based web servers that I’d p…

Source: Linux VS Windows Web Server Benchmarks | RootUsers

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