Introspection of baremetal nodes fails with ‘No hypervisor matching’  when node name used instead of uuid

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Introspection fails due to use of Host Name instead of UUID

When I do introspection on baremetal servers that will be used as for Redhat TripleO Openstack 13 (This is the same as RDO Queens)  I start with just one. Before this I import the instackenv.json file with all of the baremetal server details using:

$ openstack overcloud node import ~/instackenv.json

Then I open the console of a single server to see that the introspection works. Sometimes there are physical or network issues, so it’s best to start with provision of just one server.

I mistakenly used the hostname instead of the UUID with –provide.

This results include the following error:

'mistral.actions.action_factory.NovaAction'>', attributes='{u'client_method_name': u'hypervisors.find'

The correct command to introspect a single server with Provision is:

$ openstack overcloud node introspect UUID --provide

Mistral sets the Hypervisor name as the UUID instead of the hostname. You can see this with, this is why using the hostname doesn’t work:

$ openstack hypervisor list --long

See the original of this article that I write where I work:

Issue is with hostname being used instead of uuid, seems to be a problem with handling in Mistral.

Source: 1708420 – Introspection of baremetal nodes fail with ‘No hypervisor matching’ problem when node name used instead of uuid

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