How to install git-lfs and epel on Amazon Linux 2

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Amazon Linux 2 with Git-lfs

Amazon Linux offers some pre-installed extras, Like on the fly volume extension. Amazon Linux is great if you don’t have a really complicated stack. Sometimes the minimalism is too much. But installing some non-standard stuff is possible.

For instance our simple project needs to work with large files stored in git-lfs. In Centos 8, This usually comes as part of the epel-release.

It isn’t apparent how to install epel release for Amazon Linux. Here are the three steps to install and enable epel, then install git-lfs or whatever else you like from epel-relaease, like screen.

$ sudo amazon-linux-extras install epel -y
$ sudo yum-config-manager --enable epel
$ sudo yum install git-lfs

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