Server instance stuck on build and virsh list shows VM as paused OpenStack with Dpdk

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On the Red Hat Openstack 13 compute using DPDK creating Server instances gets stuck. when running:

openstack server list or show says that “building”

When logging into the compute running virsh list shows the same VM is stuck in paused.

The solution is to add the following to your roles_data.yaml

1. Define ‘VhostuserSocketGroup’ under RoleParametersDefault in roles_data.yaml for all roles that is expected to be ovs-dpdk based (i.e. every role that has ‘OS::TripleO::Services::ComputeNeutronOvsDpdk’ service)

VhostuserSocketGroup: “hugetlbfs”

2. If you have a non-dpdk role, then make sure that ‘ – OS::TripleO::Services::ComputeNeutronOvsDpdk’ service is not defined in that role.

Do the above AND / OR

add to your deploy command

-e /home/stack/ospd-13-vxlan-dpdk-odl-ctlplane-dataplane-bonding-hybrid/docker-images.yaml \

We did both in order to save a couple of hours.

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