Green Smoothies and Sweet Potato Chips from BensFarm

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שבוע טוב,

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נא להזמין מוקדם, עד 14:00 ביום ראשון, בכדי לודא שתקבלו את המוצרים מרשימת האדמה, במיוחד הלחם. בחלק העליון של העמוד תמצאו את מה שאני מגדל; החלק התחתון הוא ממגדלים אחרים בארץ

תודה ותהיו בראים

בן רוזנברג

A happy customer – לקוח שמח


Shavoua Tov,

Here’s a bit of feedback about the new newsletter style, from our customers:

Ben I think it was a great idea to include recipes from Yocheved’s kitchen. I’ve had ladies asking me “Swiss Chard”? WHAT’s THAT? HOW do you make it? etc., etc. Most people are afraid to buy good vegetables because they don’t know how to prepare them.

I’ve tried a few of Yocheved’s recipes and they are good and easy to follow. I baked today the “banana bread” and it turned out just right, beautiful and delicious. I used Whole Spelt Flour; I also keep away from sugar and dairy. Her seeds/dry fruits cookies are great, and so are the sesame crackers. Keep up the good work! Thanks. Shavua Tov!

Shalom, Leah Brocha

I want to drool, every time you post! Liora

BTW, I’ve tried a few of your recipes and I LOVE the seed cookies! Thanks a lot! Anonymous

I’m learning how to make being a vegetarian something I can do. Thanks for the recipes! Anonymous

Here’s something to please more readers of this newsletter: Yocheved’s Green Smoothie is a Satisfying and Soothing treat, especially for tummies that need an easy way to digest food.

Green Smoothies the YG Way

Add 1-2 avocados plus chopped carrots, slices of various root vegetables (cucumbers, kohlrabi, zucchini, etc) and greens, a pinch of turmeric, Guerande, Himalayan or other mineral-rich salt, a clove of garlic, a thumb nail’s worth of peeled ginger, a small onion chopped in quarters, a dash of arame or wakame (for thyroid-empowering iodine) and enough water to enable a smooth mixture. Want a spicier jolt? Add some freshly ground pepper to the mixture before you blend it.

Let the ingredients mix into a silky green paste and drink up the goodness!

You’re actually drinking a salad enriched with minerals and vitamins more easily absorbed into your bloodstream for having been broken down in the blender. Your digestive organs have an easier time than usual with a green smoothie because you don’t have to chew the food, nor grind it to a pulp in your guts.

Sweet Potato Chips

When you’re ready for another taste treat that won’t leave you tired from chewing and chewing, slice some RAW sweet potatoes thinly and chew them like potato chips, skins and all.

Need more flavor? Place the slices on baking paper atop a cookie tray. Spread a light amount of sesame oil across the tops, sprinkle the slices with zaatar (hyssop) and kimal (caraway seeds) or a few shakes of Herbamare (a collection of spices in one container, available in health food shops).

Watch for the nut milk recipes in next week’s newsletter. Yocheved calls them “Batteries for Human Bodies.”

Please order your organic foods early, by 2 pm, Sunday, to ensure receiving items from the Adama list – especially bread.

The upper part of the order page is what I grow; the bottom part is from other growers in Israel and imported (apples).

Thanks and be well. And hey, let us know what you think of our new newsletter style and which of Yocheved’s recipes are among your favorites.

Ben Rosenberg

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