Ec2 UserData can’t deal with plain #Bash variables

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It seems that the UserData passed via Cloud Init doesn’t run the script like it would run from CLI or cron.


my script it worked to export the value, which the UserData field of EC2 launch form likes.



export name=value
means that the variable name is available to any process you run from that shell process. If you want a process to make use of this variable, use export, and run the process from that shell.

means the variable scope is restricted to the shell, and is not available to any other process. You would use this for (say) loop variables, temporary variables etc.

It’s important to note that exporting a variable doesn’t make it available to parent processes. That is, specifying and exporting a variable in a spawned process doesn’t make it available in the process that launched it.


Source: linux – Defining a variable with or without export – Stack Overflow

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