#Docker Machine, Compose & Swarm 

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I want to make a “one click” Cloud formation” on AWS that creates a MongoDB or MySql replica set of at least 3 servers in the same or globally in different regions, or even clouds and local Data Center,


Wish me luck


Finally, let’s look at the most interesting tool in the current Docker Toolbox, Docker Swarm. What you’ve done so far is work with one container host and run a container or two, which is great for testing or local development. With Docker Swarm we’re now going to turn that small test environment into a larger setup of clustered container hosts that can be used to scale your operations into something even more useful. This is a bit more advanced and will involve things like service discovery, clustering, and remote management.

Let’s start by cleaning up the environment we have so we don’t run into any issues with having a ton of things running. Stop and remove the current local container host by running the following:

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