Scattered Thoughts about first real usage of @Azure

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ALL of this is with Ubuntu 16.04 linux in Azure, not Windows

I have been pretty locked into AWS for a few years. I got the hang of it and have been selling great installations via AWS Marketplace.

I have been accepted to the same via Azure. So hear are my first thoughts.

I tried the Azure Batch Low priority VMs. Coming from the simple AWS spot instance universe this was a failure, but in good spirit.

Although some claim that you can connect to Low Priority vms from the internet, I failed at that. I found some scripts , but I need to be more of a pro with Python. The Powershell scripts would’nt work on Linux.


After this all went well.

I installed basic postfix email installation, I received the mail. I didn’t bother sending. Then I made an image using.

Then I discovered 2 fun things about Azure.

When you delete a server, the disk is not deleted. In AWS it usually gets deleted unless you state otherwise.

YOU CAN actually launch a new VM from this disk, though the login credentials get destroyed. BUt with Azure you can reset passwords and add users from the panel. So all was fine.

Another cool thing I found is a b1 server that is VERY cheap, under $10 a  month including the disk

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