Help Yourself To Keep Your Online Presence Secure From Hackers

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Does Government control of Cyber Security make the internet a more dangerous “place”?

The clear answer is yes,  most hacking, cracking, Denial of Service and spy efforts are performed by Governments around the world against individuals deemed useful.

Protect your own data, after your ripped off no one will care!

You, yourself are responsible for protecting your data, privacy, passwords and financial information. Please call me to (212) 729-8094 for guidance.
Democratic  governments as well as dictatorships are primarily involved in attacks, They invest nothing in citizen privacy and give lip  service only to consumer protections. Regarding popular cons and stings, your local police will do nothing to recover money stolen from you even if you have the thieve’s telephone number and email address and real name!

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The Authorities invest far more in making laws that convert  all of your personal data into open source. Major hacks into Gov systems that have seen personal data stolen, clearly demonstrate that the Gov doesn’t even protect their own employees, whose personal data are now open to all for downloading, marketing and cynister activities.

Certain democracies  are investing billions in building biometric databases of humankind. Of course, only a pittance of this is going into protecting that data from being stolen. Up until recently, supplying secure 124 bit keys to clients was considered illegal arms dealing just like selling drones or missiles to  the enemy.  Did you know that the  US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act can have you fined and thrown in Jail for using a false identity (not your own real name) anywhere on the Internet for “hacking”?20151124_143525

Government practices and laws encourage creeps to try to break into your site, They lead cyber thieves to understand that it pays for them to get you to pay them in exchange for nothing, and so on.

Expensive Security Experts

The market is are being flooded with “security specialists” who are so introverted and antisocial that they don’t understand that you want to expand your network of partners and friends.

My research has shown that elite  cyber-security specialists who served in the military usually come from a background of people who themselves have no idea how the internet works and grows. They are trained to penetrate enemy systems in very creative ways. When they look for a job, after serving, they are incapable of protecting the little guy.

Free Advice

A bit of free advice that I can give you is to keep all of your passwords stored in a keepass file. Keepass files are extremely encrypted. Using your password and another encrypted key, they  can be opened using open source apps on every device imaginable. For client databases I generate really long random passwords which are kept in encrypted keepass files and secured on the server using file and directory security. If you need to use a password that you can remember, be sure to only write the hint that will remind yourself of it even with the keepass file.


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