Doctors Are Losing #Faith in IBM #Watson’s #AI. But does predict breakfast choice.

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Have you been feeling like Ai apps respond like 5 year olds?

Medicine is based on statistics not theory.

after eight years of waiting with little in the way of results, several doctors told IEEE Spectrum that they’re getting fed up — bad news for IBM, but also a potential inflection point for the AI field.

Undelivered Hype

In July, Watson made headlines for offering potentially dangerous medical advice based on hypothetical patient data — a failure that contrasted IBM’s lofty goals and claims that Watson would be able to pore through medical research to make the best diagnoses and recommend the best treatments for patients.

Ai does predict that folks like Ice cream for breakfast
needed to do that internally or even partner with one of the larger tech companies, Unilever is working with startups from the U.K., China, the U.S., Israel, Finland and Singapore.
The most extreme example of this is a range cereal-flavored ice-creams under the Ben & Jerry’s brand. It was inspired after Unilever found that there were around 50 songs that featured lyrics on “ice-cream and breakfast.”

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Like wow math isnt perfect science as it requires perception that is less scientific

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