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If you are a drop concerned about privacy take your email out of the Gmail Google universe

Get your own Email Server instead of having all of your email secrets mined for profit and given away to authorities that you haven’t authorized.

Dont be a chump
Dont be a chump

When you use Gmail as well as other google products your emails are scanned and the data is used to serve you more advertisements. The “free” service means that you are giving away your entire psyche. You are the product. Sometimes you might feel that it is OK to give away personal secrets, some that you don’t even know yourself, in exchange for some service. When you search google you are giving them your inner thoughts and secrets. You kind of know that when you search. But they also know your secrets that are spelled out as secret.

They know when you get in engaged and married, when your close ones die, when you are financially insolvent. Although they can figure this out from odd searches that you make  they, additionally, simply read your email correspondence in gmail.

I hope that you are not involved in terror or illegal activities, but if you know someone who is, your gmail correspondence are likely flagged so that whichever law enforcement agency will take a human peek. This certainly includes NSA, MI5, the Chinese gov and most certainly the IRS.

Google already knows where you are, as you logged in with the same account on your phone. They have all of your contact data with google contacts, Whey know every site that you visit even incognito. When you give them your email communications they also know everything that you ordered from Ebay or Ali Express. All of this data is connected and searched for clues as to what you want next  before you even know. You can download ALL of your data that Google and the others have about you, but they will never ever give you the data that they have learned that predicts your behavior!

When you have your own Corporate email server, they need to put much more work into getting even your un-encrypted messages.

Below is from an interesting article about what they know about you


Google uses its Analytics product, along with others, to determine a user’s browsing path around the internet. By linking that information to an IP address and an associated Google account, a complete profile of a person can be assembled. It’s this information that gives Google its advertising superpower. In 2017, Google’s ad revenue was $95.38 billion. The data is extremely beneficial for marketers looking for customer insights, and targeting people with ads.


Content of users’ Gmail messages is tracked to improve relevance and targeting of ads, and to block spam emails. Google says that mail sent to or from Gmail isn’t read by any human being other than the account holder. However, even if computers are the only ones to see the data, it is still being tracked and stored — and could be read by a human with access.

CIA & NSA Ties

While the NSA refuses to confirm or deny the existence of any relationship between the NSA and Google, privacy and civil rights advocates are concerned. In 2011 the Electronic Privacy Information Center submitted a Freedom of Information Act request regarding NSA records about the 2010 cyber-attack on Google users in China. The request was denied and the NSA said that disclosing the information would put the US Government’s information systems at risk.

Google and the CIA are connected through In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s investment arm. In-Q-Tel’s main purpose is to keep the CIA up-to-date with the latest technology. Companies that Google has acquired or invested in, like Keyholeand Recorded Future, have also received funding from In-Q-Tel.

Government Requests

Google has been criticized for disclosing too much information to governments too quickly. On the other hand, governments have expressed their frustration with the company for not disclosing information that governments need to enforce their laws.

Source: Data Privacy Concerns with Google – Hacker Noon

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