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Examples of   Websites that I Have Been Working With

I Charm my satisfied clients. I want you to be my next charming customer

Here are reasons why you should hire me:

  1. Fastest response time. Multiple ways to contact me. I can immediately fix any issues even if they are minor and even more so if they are major issue.

  2. I love Satisfied Customers
    I love Satisfied Customers

     Good, quality customer service will make you refer your friends. HECK, I managed a  Tech Support Department for an ISP!

  3. I have a long resume . Although I know very much about how the internet works, I am always flexibility  to learn new things – As a small Business I have no chain of commands. Your call is what counts. 

Below you can see some of the sites that I am working on.

I am very skilled at web design. On these site I have written and/tweeked the following using:

  • php
  • html5
  • wordpress
  • css
  • Hebrew language modules
  • content writing
  • Widgets
  • Gimp
  • mysql
  • phpmyadmin
  • vi
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Adwords

Click on the links above each Iframe to see the full site:

The Links below are my portfolio.

Steve Bar Yakov Gindi

NY tel 516 595 1713
London tel 020 3734 8595
Israel tel 0544572366
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I will give you quick and great support for any service you hire me to do

  1. Don’t Just Use Your Advantages, Market Them

    1. The most important thing to remember when managing a small business is confidence—do not sell yourself short.