Website Repair – Is your broken web site driving you nuts?

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We will do your Website Repair

  • Is your broken web site driving you nuts?
  • Are you afraid that your customers joke about it ?
  • Did your website demonstration in front of those huge clients utterly fail?
Website failure
Utterly frustrating website failure

We have been successful at getting web sites to work Since 1997!

You might be interested in my Web Site Architecture service. I have been doing this since 1998. I will fix your broken site, Bring your online store  live and searchable, Manage your blog and help with Social Networking for your Biz.

We will be happy to install from scratch or fix your existing e-commerce store!

Additionally, I do more complicated Network Services Specializing in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php)

We deal with the following issues and MUCH more!

Missing pages Google Adsense improvements Poorly coded html
Accessibility problems Hosting changes Screen-size problems
Backup restoration Outdated/unsupported code Script errors
Broken links Page errors SEO issues
Broken menus Page formatting issues Server errors
Broken plugins PHP errors Website navigation issues
Browser differences Poor image quality Website version changes
Database connections poor website security WordPress errors
Domain changes