Remote System Administration for Web Site

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Remote System Administration for Linux Unix and Windows Platforms

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Remote System Administration allows you to be in Control of your servers
Remote System Administration allows you to be in Control of your servers

We offer remote System administration for your web site both on Windows and Linux / Unix platforms. Just explain to us what your problem is and what your goals are. You may not even realize that you have these these goals We configure, install and upgrade open source free software. We will help you find the right solution and will use freely available software.

Call in USA 516-595-1713 or IN Israel 0544572366 or email

We build your site with open source software and support it. We make sure that it is secure. We have Technical support staff that understands your problem even if you find it hard to explain what the problem is. 

We are also happy to manage your site that is already installed, even if it has confounded you with issues you never thought could exist.

We will maintain your, blog, web site, php programs, databases, email lists and more. We support all platforms with any hosting company you have chosen.

Here is an example:

Let us Administer your sites
Let us Administer your sites

Eli called us for assistance in managing the technical aspects of his website. For years his business has supplied Real Estate listings. They are reliable and every property on his list is really available. His customers are primarily real estate agents. In the 90’s he had a programmer write him a program with a simple Database which his staff updated daily. He would fax the list to his customers who subscribed to his service.


Today his clients log on to his website and get all the information they need. He still uses the same programmer from the 90’s who has upgraded his skills and Database. However the programmer is daunted by interfacing his program with popular open source programs on the web. Eli needed a System administrator to connect everything together. He now has a WordPress blog on his own remote server, as well as a home page on the same platform. He has the same usernames and passwords to access his blog / bulletin board and his proprietary program. Today they all use a Mysql database. We helped him to connect all of the ends and get a great user experience. We regularly work with his programmer who has sent us even more clients. The programmer follows our expert advice about what needs to be done in his program and we stitch it all together.


These are the services we offer with a short explanation so you can see if this is what you really need:

  • Technial Support: We offer top notch phone and email support. Our staff has many years of experience patiently understanding client needs.
  • Remote server management. We will work with your host to make sure that your Server is secure and working well.
  • Apache and IIS web server. We will manage your web server software and make sure it is up to date. We manage the IIS settings as well the Apache configuration files for single and multiple sites.
  • Mysql and Oracle Databases. Security is central to managing small and large databases. We will make sure that your databases are as separate as possible with different “owners” and passwords. Some programs and plugins tend to be messy, if need be, we go into the database and search for offending entries.
  • Firewalls and Routers: We will manage your security and routing needs as well as DNS entries. We do this on Checkpoint firewalls, routers and Linux ipchains
  • Samba is a program that allows you to map network drives on your local Windows PC. Linux uses Samba especially for that purpose and Windows uses the smb protocol as its native networking system.
  • Sendmail and MS Exchange. We will manage your exchange server as well as Linux Sendmail including all configurations. We will make it possible for you to send mail even if your domain has been blocked.
  • Mail list services. We will manage your email list software whether it is Phplists or any other program.
  • Backup procedures. We will institute a backup regimen both locally on the server as well as remotely, to save all your data and restore it if need be.
  • Client/App/Server communications: We will make sure that your fields are passed through and processed correctly when you interface between different platforms.
  • WordPress and other PHP applications: We have years of experience installing and configuring multi-language sites using PHP , CSS, themes and Templates.
  • WordPress Plugins, themes and Widgets. We can guide you to have the most useful and fun WordPress site using open source software.
  • Gallery3: We will help you manage your gallery of images
  • Online stores. We will manage the infrastructure of your online stores and connect to whichever payment gateways you choose, whether it is Credit card processor, paypal or foreign bank transfer.
  • Simple SEO. We will help you to get your site listed on search engines.
  • All kinds of monitoring. We will institute site monitoring for all of your sites and software to make sure they are constantly working. When an issue arises you will get an email or SMS text message that something is down.
mysql, linux, website, html5 php
mysql, linux, website, html5 php
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