quick to move subdomain to different directory on same server

Hits: 534It is incredibly simple to move a subdomain to a different subdirectory anywhere on your server. First move it sudo mv /var/www/subdomain_folder  /var/subdomain_folder Edit the apache  your subdomain_folder etc/apache2/sites_available change to reflect the new location DocumentRoot /var/subdomain_folder Save the file I restarted apache but am not sure if this required.    

Remote System Administration for Web Site

Remote System Administration allows you to be in Control of your servers

Hits: 7530Remote System Administration for Linux Unix and Windows Platforms Now with AWS – Amazon APN Registered Consulting Partner See – http://charmingwebdesign.com/amazon-apn-registered-consulting-partner/ We offer remote System administration for your web site both on Windows and Linux / Unix platforms. Just explain to us what your problem is and what your goals are. You may not even realize …

Hits: 598Milknhoney Linux Consulting has  experience since 1998  providing high quality Linux and Multiplatform  support . We offer a wide variety of support and administration. We provide expert installation and technical support services on all major Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Redhat and any others. We also support Solaris, AIx and any other LInux that you …

I do Linux installations and consulting

Hits: 747I do LInux installations and consulting Worked as a Multiplatform Network Administrator including Linux, Windows, Unix, etc Linux System Administration, Specializing in LAMP admin (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) Wordpress, Gallery3, Phplists, Payment Gateways, VLD Personals, sendmail, pop3, security, firewalls, crontab   I also do Windows consulting      

Hits: 834I am really happy that you are interested in my Linux Services. I will install and configure anything that you need. I am successful at getting  all different programs to talk to each other. If it doesn’t work out the way you expect I will make a great workaround. Steve call 00972544572366